Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gluten-Free in New York-Shake Shack!

Hi Everyone! I'm so sorry for my long absence. I was on a vacation to New York, then very unexpectedly had to move (and quickly!) and then, of course, the holidays! It's been a very hectic but great December!

I wanted to give you a quick little review from one of my absolute favorite places to eat when I'm in New York...the Shake Shack! Yum! I'm sure you're expecting some sort of fancy steak restaurant, but nope, this place is my favorite and I pray that they bring one to Southern California as soon as possible!

So, the Shake Shack started with one location in Madison Square Park and I'm proud to say I went there before it started to spread! Here's a picture of my lunch:

So their burgers are GREAT bunless, the meat actually tastes terrific. The fries are great, not too soggy, not too crisp. The best part is the frozen custard. When I first heard of this, I was seriously nauseated! I thought it sounded so gross. But it is SOOOOO good, I promise! If you like ice cream, you'll love the frozen custard. In the picture above you'll see a "concrete" where they mix the custard with a topping, I had chocolate toffee. Yum yum yum!

The other AWESOME thing about the Shake Shack is that they are so wonderfully awesome about Gluten Allergies! When I ordered my food without a bun, they asked if it was a gluten allergy and I said yes. All over my receipt that goes to the cooking crew were big red letters saying "****GLUTEN ALLERGY****!!! I couldn't have been more pleased!

Of course, it's still eating out and there is always the possibility of cross contamination but it sure makes you feel safer when you see that written all over everything and that they are aware of and understand the allergy is a tremendous advantage to eating out!

For their gluten-free menu, click here. To find all locations (including Miami and various New York areas) and see their main site, click here.

As for price, it's New York City, for all the food shown in my picture above it was about $15.50. Trust me, it was worth every penny both trips I made to the Shake Shack on this visit!

Just to leave you with something festive, this was from our visit to Rockefeller Plaza while it was snowing! Such a beautiful sight and I'm so glad my mom and I got to be together in New York during the Holiday Season!

I swear it was freezing cold and we're from Southern California, so yes, we may be a little over-bundled compared to East Coasters!!!

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