Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snack Time

Snacks!!! Seriously, such an important part of managing to live allergen free. The following are some of my favorite snack ideas:


1. Bags of Fruits & Veges: I try to take one day a week to chop fruits and vegetables and put them in sandwich bags for easy to grab snacks anytime! It usually takes about 30-45 minutes but you'll be glad you did it the rest of the week.

Apple & Cheese

2. Apples & Cheese

Kettle Baked Sea Salt

3. Baked Kettle Potato Chips

Tortilla and Cheese

4. Corn Tortillas & Cheese

Cheese & Turkey

5. Lunch Meat Wrapped in Lettuce and/or Cheese (my favorite is to use butter lettuce with honey roasted turkey and havarti cheese!)

French Friesw

6. French Fries

Baked Potato

7. Baked Potatoes


8. Ice Cream


9. Coconut Milk Yogurt (YUM!)


10. Quick Pizzas w/Frozen GF Pizza Crusts


11. Corn Tortilla Chips & Salsa


12. Eggs

Animal Crackers

13. K-Kritters GF Animal Crackers by Kinnikinnick (Big Yum, recently discovered and they do not pay me to say how yummy these are!!!)


14. Kinnikinnick GF Donuts (Oh my gosh Yum! Also, recently discovered, love ALL the flavors!!)

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  1. THANK YOU for doing this!!! I found you from your sil's blog Stitches and Scissors. I LOVE that you have the recipe all ready to print out...I just found you and printed out 5 recipes to try!! I'm so excited! I too am gluten, oats, corn and sadly fruit intolerant. Were you just corn intolerant for a short time? Your recipe that had cornmeal looked so yummy but I can't eat cornmeal:( The buns I think it was. Also, where do you find all the things in this post...animal crackers and donuts etc. I live in Vanc WA but haven't seen those items anywhere. I am VERY excited to try Quinoa pasta as I'm rather tired of overcooked rice pasta. Thanks for all your info - I am def following you in my reader now. Thanks again!!!


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