Friday, November 12, 2010

Review: Skinny Crisps Crackers

Do you need a great GF cracker? Check out these Skinny Crisps:


These are really tasty and low in carbohydrates. I get them at Whole Foods but you can order them at the Skinny Crisps website!

They are very crunchy but packed full of flavor. The brownie crisps are amazingly chocolaty and taste fantastic:


Do you see those chocolate sprinkles!!!!

The Plain Jane flavor reminds me of what I remember a Wheat Thin tasting like (not that I'm an expert on what a Wheat Thin tastes like at this point!!).

The ingredients can be found here for all of the different flavors to see if they work for you.

Every flavor I've tried is terrific!!! I highly recommend them. They are also made with nuts and beans so they have protein making them a very terrific and satisfying snack!

The only downside is that they are a bit expensive. Great for a special treat though when you really need a tasty cracker!

*Please Note: The manufacturers of Skinny Crisps do not know me and do not pay me to say these nice things about them!!!

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