Friday, November 12, 2010

Updated Sweet Potato Biscuit Recipe

I had a reader that couldn't eat my sweet potato biscuit recipe because it had corn in it. I told her I would come up with an alternative and just posted two new recipes for them.

We had a taste test in my house last night over which recipe was better and, since the results were split, I decided to give you both options!

Shortening SP Biscuits

This recipe just replaces the cornmeal with more flour and includes shortening. I really like these. They are light and fluffy and don't have the texture the cornmeal provided. To me, they tasted more like standard biscuits but with a sweet potato flavor.

Pecan Biscuits

This recipe substitutes a pecan meal for the corn meal. The pecans taste great with the sweet potato and still gives it a bit of texture as the cornmeal did.

Check out the Sweet Potato Biscuit post and scroll down to find the UPDATE!

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